Atlas Roofing is here to make your project stress-free.


  • Atlas Roofing will manage the entire project from start to finish while working with you to achieve top gratification. 

  • We can arrange the scaffolding erection/removal if required.

  • We can carefully remove your old roof and dispose of it accordingly.

Atlas Roofing supplies top-quality roof installation services throughout West Sussex and surrounding areas, all bespokely quoted to your project's needs. Our team of expert roofers has years of experience installing flat roofs, fiberglass roofs, slate, and tiled roofs, and standard pitch roofs, fitted to each clients’ specification.


Throughout the new roofing installation process, our roofing specialists can also install soffits and fascias - bringing your project to completion and reducing disruption and downtime.  




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No roofing repair job is too big or too small.

With any repair or maintenance jobs, Atlas roofing specialists will fully assess the damage; if needed a temporary repair will be carried out to reduce any further damage before a full repair can be carried out.


Atlas Roofing Specialists offer unbeatable workmanship and professionalism, ensuring we can complete the project efficiently. Whether completing large commercial projects or smaller residential tasks; we consistently carry out all our work to the highest standard in and around West Sussex. 

All our Roof Repairs come with a full Guarantee



Atlas Roofing specialists offer a gutter repair service in and around the West Sussex area, this service is ideal for all homeowners who are looking for a professional and highly trained team at fair prices. With the help of our expert roofers, we guarantee to complete the project efficiently, leaving a fully functional guttering system.

Fascias, soffits, and guttering are very important factors in protecting your property from water damage, damp, mould growth, structural damage and so much more.


If you have noticed that you have leaking gutters, overflowing water around the guttering or a damaged downpipe then you need to call us. The sooner you have your gutter maintained, repaired or replaced the less additional damage will be caused. 

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Here at Atlas Roofing, we can assist with any roofing needs whether that be installing or replacing fascias and soffits, or even a simple repair, no matter the scale. We'll leave your roof looking brand new again with our PVC soffit and fascia service.

We work with you to achieve your vision, home protection can be both stylish and functional.


Soffit and fascia are the most common type used in both commercial & residential roofing construction. Atlas Roofing uses top-quality PVC materials to reassure our clients that our work offers upmost durability in order to withstand the weight of the English winter's rain, snow, and ice.

In order to protect your building, installing new fascia and soffits is crucial, not only does this help preserve the building from torrential weather, but also detects insect infestations and helps to obtain a warm building with its thermal properties that can be offered by our roofing specialists.  


If you're in need of a PVC fascia and soffits specialist in or around West Sussex, then Atlas Roofing Specialists is the company for you.



Atlas Roofing takes pride in our professionalism, therefore we only recommend the best materials for the job. Fiberglassing is a great hard-wearing material for long-lasting roofs. We work with our clients to meet all expectations and specifications. Not only is fiberglassing a great alternative to traditional materials due to its durability but it's also aesthetically customisable with a selection of colours and finishes.


  • Customisable as well as highly functional.

  • Fiberglass is a cost-effective alternative to other common materials, this also applies to lower insurance costs.

  • Sustainable - reduces loss of heat from the building, resulting in lower energy costs. (Fiberglass can also be recycled)

  • Fiberglassing enables quick, efficient repairs and refurbishments if needed with no structural interference.  

Our fiberglass roofs are perfectly watertight, hardwearing, and are a great long-lasting roofing solution.

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